Finali Mondiali – Marc Gené thrilled to drive Gilles Villeneuve’s car

Finali Mondiali – Marc Gené thrilled to drive Gilles Villeneuve’s car

Abu Dhabi, 5 December – The Finali Mondiali is all about racing, incredible cars, exceptional owners and great champions from the world of motor sport. Today in Abu Dhabi, the names of two Ferrari men who are much loved by the fans were brought together in an exciting spectacle. Marc Gene got the chance to drive Gilles Villeneuve’s 312 T5 as part of the Formula 1 Clienti section of the event.

The car belongs to TK Mak from Hong Kong, who particularly wanted Marc to drive it, the Spaniard having been on the books at Ferrari for ten years now and is now one of the coaches who helps the Formula 1 car owners with advice and suggestions on how to get the most out of their car.

TK Mak is one of 15 owners who brought their Ferrari Formula 1 cars to the Finali Mondiali and his is the oldest on track. Among the other stars of yesteryear are Gerhard Berger’s 412 T2, now owned by American Peter Greenfield. It’s a special car because it was the last Ferrari Formula 1 machine to run a 12 cylinder engine. As from the following year, this configuration was banned by the FIA, with all teams switching t V10s.

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