Finali Mondiali: they’re off!

Finali Mondiali: they’re off!

Maranello, 12 November – The 74 Challenge cars, 17 F1 single-seaters and 19 XX Programme models that will take centre stage at the 2014 Finali Mondiali, Ferrari’s annual end-of-season celebration at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi between December 3rd and 6th, are now en route to their destination. They will be converging on Abu Dhabi not only from Italy but also from Istanbul, Sepang, Austin and Hong Kong, and are making the journey there by sea, air and overland.

In addition to the cars involved in the four days of racing and exhibitions, 82 containers of various equipment and gear required for the event have also been sent out to Abu Dhabi by Ferrari. Added to these will be two from Shell (petrol) and seven containing Pirelli tyres and other equipment, plus four of spares and three for the TV production side of the event.


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