Ferrari Challenge APAC – Double for Blancardi, Prette and Tjiptobiantoro

Ferrari Challenge APAC – Double for Blancardi, Prette and Tjiptobiantoro

Sydney, 13 April 2014 - The Sydney leg of the Ferrari Asia Pacific Challenge kept viewers on the edge of their seats at Ferrari Racing Days today. The Ferrari APAC Challenge was led by Max Blancardi from Italy in the Pirelli Pro classification who took the chequered flag in Race 2 of the Trofeo Pirelli, finishing with an impressive racing time of 29:55:960, his fastest lap came in at 1:32:426.

The Pirelli classification of experienced drivers saw more competition, with Philippe Prette from Hong Kong taking the top spot on the podium in Race 2 with a racing time of 30:11:80, crossing the finish line just one second ahead of Steve Wyatt from Australia who took second spot while Peter White, also from Australia, took third spot.

In the Coppa Shell classification, Race 2 saw lots of exciting action as the drivers battled it out on the tracks. David Tjiptobiantoro from Indonesia won with a racing time of 30:17:18, finishing fourth overall and ahead of Paul van Loenhout from Australia and Tani Hanna from Lebanon. Viewers were totally enthralled and couldn’t keep their eyes off the race.

Attendees to Sydney’s Ferrari Racing Days were thrilled by on track activities and kept entertained by the amazing off track displays. The weekend was a massive success, with attendees being treated to a fabulous festival of Ferrari and all that Ferrari has to offer.


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