A bad accident at the Ferrari Racing Days at Suzuka

A bad accident at the Ferrari Racing Days at Suzuka

Suzuka, 21 April –A serious accident took place during the second Ferrari Challenge race, on the programme at the Ferrari Racing Days at Suzuka today. For reasons yet to be established, Shigeru Terajima’s car crashed into the safety barriers. The driver was immediately taken to the hospital in a town nearby Suzuka, where he is currently in a serious condition. Also hurt in the accident was a Suzuka circuit volunteer, who is in the same hospital, although in a less serious condition than the driver.

Because of this incident, Ferrari took the decision to bring the event to an end ahead of schedule and is now providing all the necessary assistance to those involved in the accident and to their families.

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  • FU

    A Lambo would’ve taken the corner, no problem ;-)

    • Fastflupke

      What a sick reply when somebody is in serious condition, a clear lack of respect! Get a life man!

      • FU

        Well in that case I’m glad I didn’t say anything about Asian drivers…phew!

        • Thomas Burt

          You’re a sad little person. You need a hug or a role model. Watching real people seriously injured is never funny.

        • AMR

          Well in that case you would be happy if it would be your father, son, or a friend whatever applies. Obviously you don’t like any of the people that surround you, considering you don’t understand how seroius the situiation is.

    • Tom Elliott

      I’m sorry, but that’s frankly abhorrent. 2 people are seriously injured.

      • FU

        Hahaaa! Oh please, a rich guy shows up at a race in a Ferrari and drives like a tool, which leads to the inevitable…and I have to be tactful?

        • Alex

          so what about the marshal then?

        • FU POS

          Maybe he deserved to be rich and to drive a Ferrari, and you, you worthless, envious POS, don’t deserve anything good! What’s even worse, seems like you don’t even realize that you’re so catastrophically stupid. And I bet he’s a 100 times better driver than you are. Someone as stupid as you wouldn’t even know how to start the car. Go to hell!