About us

About us

Right from its second year and after victories for the works cars at their debut in 1947, Ferrari has always had very close links with its customers who want to go racing. The list of wins obtained by private owners is astoundingly long and usually, they have played a decisive role in the outcome of the most important championships. Ferrari has always paid close attention to this sector, leading in 2001 to the creation of a specific department, the “Corse Clienti” which is based in a unit within the Fiorano track, alongside the famous “house with the red windows,” where Enzo Ferrari had his office. The location is particularly appropriate to the spirit of what goes on in this building, with everyone highly motivated when it comes to the activity that takes place within its walls. Since its foundation, Corse Clienti has been organising the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and supports the activities of Prancing Horse owners who participate in the Gran Turismo Championship, as well as having an involvement in the F1 Clienti department and management of the exclusive 599XX and FXX Programmes.

Ferrari Corse Clienti

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