Ferrari Finali Mondiali: reconnaissance laps

Ferrari Finali Mondiali: reconnaissance laps

Cheste (Valencia), 28 November- The Ricardo Tormo Circuit outside Valencia is preparing itself to host the Ferrari Finali Mondiali, the spectacular event that brings to a close the Maranello marque’s racing season. It’s an action packed programme featuring protagonists from all the Prancing Horse’s various sporting activities, including the final races in the European, Asia-Pacific and North American Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. Drivers in these series were the first to take to the track today, before their final battles, while also in action were the historic Formula 1 cars and those cars from the exclusive XX programmes. The highlight of the event comes on Sunday with the traditional demonstration from Scuderia Ferrari and competitors from the International GT races, who won many of the most prestigious sports car series this year, which along with the historic cars will all combine to evoke the passion of Ferrari in all its many guises.

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